CXC teachers' guide for CXC CSEC English B

CXC teachers' guide for CXC CSEC English B


Many times, great resources exist for teachers to support them in their work.  Many times, these resources are not easily accessible to them or teachers may not even be aware that these resources exist.


Here is a teachers' guide for teaching CXC CSEC English B at the secondary school level.  This teachers' guide was developed by the Caribbean Examination Couoncil (CXC)  in association with Caribbean teachers.  It was developed for use by Caribbean English teachers who are preparing exam candidates for the CXC CSEC English B exam.  


This teachers' guide is located on the CXC website and is presented here for use by Caribbean teachers. The teachers' guide is for CXC CESC English B also available on google docs




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julia (not verified)

I am doing cxc in 2015 and I want to know what short stories and poem to study

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Ade Kumar (not verified)
Syllabus for English B for Cxc 2014

Hi I'm going CXC in May/June 2014 and I want to know the syllabus for English B. I want to know what stories to revise

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guest (not verified)
Follow the link below.It provides the prescribed list
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guest (not verified)
english B

what will come in the English B CXC exams

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