CXC CSEC Human and Social Biology: Living organisms: The process of photosynthesis

CXC CSEC Human and Social Biology - Living organisms: photosynthesis simulation

Here is a simulation of what happens in photosynthesis.

This simulation shows what happens in photosynthesis at the environmental level and at the cellular level in leaves. Please click on "launch interactive" to start the simulation.

It also provides a short quizz at the end.

A second simulation of photosynthesis

Here is a second and different simulation of how potosynthesis occurs. Please click on the green ball next to the word, "instructions" to read directions on how the simulation works. Please click on the green ball next to the word, "photosynthesis" to start the simulation.

A third simulation of photosynthesis

This is a third and different simulation on photosynthesis. This simulation is an interactive game and you get to show what you know. Please click on the word "start" to start the game.


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