CXC English A: paragraph development: interactive activity

CXC English A: paragraph development: interactive activity


Here are some interactive activities which help you to improve your paragraph writing skills.


Since all essays are made up of paragraphs, this activity helps you to develop that basic skill.


It presents the basic elements that all paragraphs must have e.g.

     1) unity - keeping to the topic of the paragraph and not drifting into something else.

     2) coherence - the sentences must make sense together. You must be able to understand the point that the
         paragraph is trying to make.

     3) Topic sentence - a paragraph must be about something. It must have a main idea or point that it wants to express.
         The topic sentence tells what the paragraph is about; the point the paragraph wants to make.


We encourage you to read and attempt the activities here.



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yanna's picture
yanna (not verified)
this was helpful to me

this was helpful to me

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Ingrid (not verified)
excellent guidelines, but

excellent guidelines, but please fix the two spelling errors in item 3)

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