CXC English A exam: interactive activity: writing compare and contrast essays

CXC English A exam: interactive activity: writing compare and contrast essays

We present an interactive activity which wil help you write your CXC English A persuasive essay. This  interactive activity presents the various ways to organize arguments in an essay.


While the activity says it is for compare and contrast essays, it can be used for all types of essays where you have to present two opposing or contrasting points of view.


In any persuasive essay where you are asked to support one point of view (for or against), you must still show why your point of view is better by comparing and contrasting it with the other  point of view and showing why yours is the better viewpoint.


This activity helps then, by guiding you through the steps of setting up a compare and contrast essay. You can repeat the activity as many times as you like.


You can also try out the three different ways to set up a compare and contrast essay to see which one you like the best.


Finally, you can also choose to go to the compare and contrast guide to get some more tips on how to organize these types of essays.


Please comment and let us know if you find this acitivity helpful.



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