CXC CSEC Math Topic: Relations, functions and graphs

CXC CSEC General Proficiency math topic:




Relations, mapping and functions; graphical representation of numerical and statistical data; graphs of simple linear and non-linear functions



The student should be able to:



Recognize a relation



Describe a relation as a set of ordered pairs



Use arrow diagrams to show relations



Define a function as a many-to-one or one-to-one relation



Distinguish between the graph of a relation and the graph of a function



Use the functional notations, for example, f : x → x 2; or f(x) = x2; as well as y = f(x) for given domains



Represent numerical and statistical data by bar chart, pie chart, line graph, histogram, frequency polygon, as well as on the rectangular cartesian plane



Interpret data presented in any of the graphical or pictorial forms named in objective 7



Draw, read and interpret graphs of:

(a)     the functions {(x,y): y = a + bx +cx²} where  a, b, and c are integers;

(b)    simple non-linear functions given a table of values;



Recognize the gradient of a line as the ratio of the vertical rise to the horizontal shift



Find by drawing and or calculation, the gradients and intercepts of graphs of linear functions



Determine the equation of a line given:

(a)      the graph of the line

(b)      the co-ordinates of two points on the line

(c)      the gradient and one point on the line



Represent the solution of linear inequalities in one unknown using:

(a)     set notation

(b)     The number line



Recognize simple functions that have inverses



Distinguish between functions defined for different domains by the same formula;



Interpret and make use of functional notations for example, f(x), g(x), f -1 (x), and their compositions



Draw and use the graphs of the functions of the form y = ax³, y = ax-1 and y =ax-2 for specific domains



Recognize simple everyday expressions of exponential growth
(for example, population growth, multiplication of bacteria, compound interest)



Draw and use graphs of a given quadratic function to determine;

(a)    the elements of the domain that have a given image or vice versa

(b)    the intervals of a domain for which the  elements of the range may be
         positive or negative

(c)     the interval of the domain for which the elements of the range may be
         greater than or less  than a given value.

(d)     the roots of the given function

(e)    the maximum and minimum values of the function over a given interval
         of the domain.



Draw and sketch graphs to represent cases of variation such as y varies as xn where n has the values 1, 2 or -1, -2



Determine maximum and minimum values of quadratic functions by the method of completing the square



Use graphs of functions to solve simple problems



Draw and use distance-time-graphs and speed-time-graphs



Use the gradient of the graph of a linear function to determine the rate of change of one variable with respect to the other



Recognize the relation between the tangent of a certain angle and the gradient of a curve



Estimate the value of the gradient of a curve by constructing a tangent to the curve at a given point



Apply the ideas of gradient of a curve and area under a curve to problems in the physical, biological and social sciences



Use linear programming techniques to solve problems involving two variables.


*optional objectives which may be tested in section II of the general proficiency exam.
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Harriechan Tirbohun (not verified)

i having fun doing maths. I'm enjoying it, please give me more.

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tinu_wol (not verified)

having a problem with inverse composite functions where can i find practice questions?

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Rishma Ramhi (not verified)

Can i find Practice Questions for Inverse Composite Functions

Harriechan Tirbohun's picture
NikiM (not verified)
Re: CXC CSEC Math Topic: Relations, functions and graphs

Can I get a 2010 MAths syllabus

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ajbryan (not verified)
Re: Re: CXC CSEC Math Topic: Relations, functions and graphs

i really need help in maths do you hav groups studies

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OKBAY BERHE (not verified)

This is just like going to a school while you are at home and easily become a math genius

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