CXC English A practice exams vol 4


Here are are a list of reading comprehension exercises that you may complete to help you practice for your CXC CSEC English A exams. Please do not forget to click on "check" or "submit" to check how many questions you answered correctly.

Please carefully read and follow the directions given.


1)  Reading comprehension exercise 1

2)  Reading comprehension exercise 2

3) Reading comprehension 3

4)  Multiple choice reading comprehension exercise 4

5) A second multiple choice reading comprehension 5 exercise

6)  Another reading comprehension exercise 6. Please read the directions carefully

7)  A reading comprehension exercise to fill in the missing paragraphs

8) This is an advanced level comprehension exercise in which you must fill in the missing paragraphs.


In order to correctly complete the following sentence completion exercises, you must use skills in reading comprehension and in vocabulary


1)  Sentence completion exercise 1

2)  Sentence completion exercise 2

3)  Sentence completion exercise 3 

4)  Sentence completion exercise 4

5)  Sentence completion exercise 5

6) Sentence completion exercise 6

7)  Sentence completion exercise 7

8)  Sentence completion exercise 8

9)  Sentence completion exercise 9

10)   Advanced level sentence completion exercise 10

11)   Sentence completion and vocabulary exercise 1

12)   Sentence completion and vocabulary exercise 2

13)   Sentence completion and vocabulary exercise 3

14)   Sentence completion and vocabulary exercise 4

15)   Sentence completion and vocabulary exercise 5

16)   Sentence completion and vocabulary exercise 6

17)  Sentence completion and vocabulary exercise 7

18)  Vocabulary and reading comprehension

19Vocabulary exercise






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