Tutorial: CXC CSEC math topic - Combination questions

1. Math word problens.
This site has a good range of math word problems that will give you practice for the CXC math paper 2 type of questions.

Math video tutorials for math topics

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Sasha Rodney (not verified)
Entering 4th Form

I'll be entering the 4th Form come September, 2009, and plans to visit this site very often.

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Amy (not verified)

According to wikipedia answer at www.wikipedia.org/sleep as indicated below, an adolescents should have atleast 9-10 hours of sleep to be healthy. Please tell me how many hours I need to sleep before being active again.
Age and condition Average amount of sleep per day
Newborn up to 18 hours
1–12 months 14–18 hours
1–3 years 12–15 hours
3–5 years 11–13 hours
5–12 years 9–11 hours
Adolescents 9–10 hours[23]
Adults, including elderly 7–8 (+) hours
Pregnant women 8 (+) hours

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Susan Singh (not verified)
Re: Sleep

This is a very interesting topic. Most students spend endless hours on their books without getting the proper amount of sleep. Can anyone be kind enough to out a medical research which proves the ideal amount of rest for a teenager (12 or 13 to 19 years)

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guest (not verified)
Sleep is important
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sheries (not verified)

bio was a lot easier than i expected. hope everyone gets a one.

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guest (not verified)

oh really bio is easy

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guest (not verified)
Grade Distribution

Can any body highlight the average scores(%) for each grades?What's the % range for a distinction,grade 1,2,3,etc.

~**~C-SEC Student in Guyana~**~

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Roxxie (not verified)
The grades distribution are.....

I'm also from Guyana and for grade
6=below 30%

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guest (not verified)
This is NOT the grade distribution

Hello, this is NOT CXC's grade scheme. The only grade scheme CXC has ever published for CXC CSEC exams is here:


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jboy213 (not verified)

Well, I don't know an exact average since it depends on the performance of students in the year. But just to be on the safe side of gaining a distinction/one aim for 75 percent and above.
With that you can't really go wrong in getting that much. People got to do real good for that not be worth a one.

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guest (not verified)
Physics And Biology

those two subjects were among the best that i have done so far wouldn't you agree.

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