Help offered

here to help anyone who needs help with chemistry, maths and spanish.

Help much appreciated lol

anyone got any tips for history?


Urghhh...IAs are certainly getting on my nerves. Oh, btw...if anyone needs help in Caribbean History (unit one) for CAPE, i have a few notes in case, so let me kno. I need some help in Literature (unit one) if anyone wants to lend a hand...please feel free. Thnks.

Gettin Results From January 2010

I want some information on the January 2010 results...i haveen't received any results as yet what is goin on??? every time i call the MOE they are giving me alot of run arounds...tell me exactly what is goin on????

Study assiduously

Your success at the CXC exams depend on how much you study ppl. i have been there i know the feeling. there will be time when you will want to sleep or hang with friends but just take a break and think about your future, your future as leaders of the world. you all can do it all it takes is a few hours of assiduous studying .... and success will be guaranteed.. this i assure you. to the science ppl ... Take chemistry seriously its not a very easy exam(my opinion since it gave me my only grade 2 lol) physics have fun with the exam... and biology wow show cxc that there exam was nothing.

not in my own strength

yeah that was seven weekends ago, i gotta stop procrastinating!

Off to St. Lucia tomorrow

Leaving for St. Lucia


In the morning, I leave Barbados for St. Lucia. I am looking forward to seeing St. Lucia. I have been told that the Soufriere volcano on the island and the sulphur hot springs are a "must see".


Loving Barbados

Loving Barbados



So I have found myself in Barbados for a couple of weeks, and I must say, I am loving every minute of it!



I need help in mathematics big time. I am good in english a so if u can help with mathematics i can help with english.


My heart goes out to Haiti. My heart becomes bitter at times, to see the disgust of perishing bodies surrounding the land. Bodies which were once up and about, going to school, work, home and other destinations.
Each time I watch CNN News Coverage of Haiti, I become more delusional to the buildings I see. Haiti, the once profound and rich nation, now poor of food, water, shelter, and supposedly of loved ones but never poor of faith.

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