Mathematics Paper 1 Practice questions

Question 1
Given that x and y are integers such that x<-2 and y<-2. If x*y = 21, what will be the value of x + y?
(A) 21 (B) 10 (C) -10 (D)22
Question 2
3 and 5 are two consecutive odd prime numbers. What is the next such pair?
(A) 3 and 5 (B) 5 and 7 (C) 7 and 11 (D) 11 and 13
Question 3
Area of a square is 36 sq. cm. The perimeter of the square is:
(A) 24cm (B) 12cm (C)18cm (D) 36cm
Question 4
If a*b = a^3 - b^3, then -3*-2 equals:
(A)-15 (B)15 (C) 19 (D) -19
Question 5
Which of the follwing is NOT a quadrilateral?

Movement and Coordination

i am stuck with biology movement an coordination anyone knows any simple yet complex explanations?!!! Currently: Desperate...test tomorrow

Math help available

Hi all, I previously tutored math pupils at the secondary / post secondary levels. As a student I enjoyed mathematics and I think I may be able to assist. Based on what I am seeing and hearing of about new recruits in the work place, their math is woefully lacking. If you are serious about learning Math and not just interested in passing an exam, I may be able to assist you.

I f you care to simply post your email address and as succinctly as possible explain the difficulty you are now having in Math and I'll try to assist.


CAPE.. Madness

It was only just a few months ago that we all did CXCs, times when many of us saw our hairs falling out, tears bust from our eyes before, during and after exams. Wow, and how silly are we again to pick up another bundle of stressing circumstances called CAPE exams lol. Well I'm new to this CAPE thing, these Internal Assessments, Oral presentations, and all manner of things. One thing especially these teachers wont stop stressing on us being "Pre- University students". How are you guys managing with the pressure? Do you think since you've been through it you're definitely ready for CAPE?

Need Help.....

After working on my subjects so i can get into nursing school to my surprise Office administration can't be used..Am here wondering why but is now thinking i need to do another subject plus get it in a 1 or 2....I need to do an exam January 2011...A bit worried coz a not familiar with the paper3's plus don't even know which subject to take on now...I need some help plz

Registration for CXC CSEC exams January 2011

Registration for CXC CSEC exams January 2011


Well, its that time again. Time to register for the CXC CSEC exams for Janaury 2011.


If you are a Guyanese and you want to meet and/or chat with your fellow Guyanese teens send me an inbox with your contact:)

It's just not worth your really isn't

It's just not worth your really isn't.



English A paper 1

can anyone shed some light as to what is 'paragraphing' in English A paper 1?

Willing to help with Mathematics

Im a cape student.. anyone needing help with math chem or phys.. i can help

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