POB sba

I NEED serious help with my pob sba today!!!!


well this is my first blog really but i wrote cxc January 2011 the exams was OK you easy with the basics but the thing that got me was that was question 11a) really didn"t know how to do that so does any1 no how to do such a question

Good luck for your CXC CSEC exams January 2011!

Good luck for your CXC CSEC exams January 2011!



So here you are, preparing to sit your CXC CSEC exams January 2011.  Some of you haven't completely recovered from Christmas and the new year's party, yet, here you are.

A Collection Of Introductions

I am not proud of these but I will add them anyway...

Help in subjects (understanding a topic,SBA,CXC)

Anyone needing help in the POB,Social Studies and Human And Social Biology.. please message me i'll be more than happy to help those is need.
Dont be Afraid to ask about other subjects :)

Hook for Agumentative[ + Thesis] here goes ^^

We may be destined for greatness or we may be waiting for our deaths.No one but God knows what would happen next.We do not have the power to predict for we are only human.Planning for the future is a waste of time because the future may not be what you expect; not everything is in our control; and your plans for the future might no longer be applicable.

Is it any good or is it too short?

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