A Collection Of Introductions

I am not proud of these but I will add them anyway...

Help in subjects (understanding a topic,SBA,CXC)

Anyone needing help in the POB,Social Studies and Human And Social Biology.. please message me i'll be more than happy to help those is need.
Dont be Afraid to ask about other subjects :)

Hook for Agumentative[ + Thesis] here goes ^^

We may be destined for greatness or we may be waiting for our deaths.No one but God knows what would happen next.We do not have the power to predict for we are only human.Planning for the future is a waste of time because the future may not be what you expect; not everything is in our control; and your plans for the future might no longer be applicable.

Is it any good or is it too short?

[Practising for English Exam; Short Story]

The moment she walked into the class, a silence covered the room.With the silence came an aura of negativity.In no time, the bickering started.
"Look at her hair" said one child.
"Yeah! It's covering her face!" responded another.I sat and watched as everyone commented on the girl's look.It was like a war in this room, thirty seven against one, excluding me of course.I had no desire to attack this girl without mercy.It was after this thought that the teacher brought everyone to a halt.

Maths Problems

Question: A Shop stocks X Sonix and Y Zent radios. It has shell space for up to 20 radios.

(i) Write an inequality to represent this information.


I really do hope that this move is a fruitful one,mainly because of the fact that i am not really good at consistency and great at preparation.I would appreciate it much if you all would lend a great deal of support.Success is intended for us all.

is it possible ?

Hey i wana know if its possible to pass biology at cxc level when you have less than 40 days and never did bio at cxc level ..?

Help In The History

Can Somebody Please help me and tell me why did were British people against Religion, Manumission and Marriage and Divorce In the colony.

Mathematics Paper 1 Sample Questions 3rd set

1. 3^(2x) = 81, what is the value of x?
(A) 4 (B) 1 (C) 2 (D) 3

2. Mary will be 19 years old in six years time. How old was Mary 5 years ago?
(A) 8 (B) 20 (C) 5 (D) 30

3. A box contains more than 50 but less than 70 marbles. When marbles are counted in 8s, one marble remained. When marbles were counted in 5s,two marbles remained. How many marbles were there in the box?
(A)52 (B) 57 (C) 65 (D)72

4. A shirt priced at $150 was initially increased in price by 10%. But following holiday season, its price was reduced by 10%. What is the new price of the shirt?

CAPE HISTORY: Help Needed.

Is there anyone out there in the deep blue sea, that has CAPE History notes and is willing to share 'em online? I am in Dire need of assistance... Please respond! Somebody? Anybody?

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