CXC CSEC exams May/June 2011 are almost here!

CXC CSEC exams May/June 2011 are almost here!

Study Hard!

Vectors - basics (theory)

1. Distinguish between a vector quantity and a scalar quantity.
A vector quantitiy has a magnitude(size) and a direction.
A scalar quantity only has a magnitude(size).
2. Define: (a) Parallel vectors (b) Equal vectors (c) Inverse vectors
(a) Parallel vectors must have same direction (not necessarily same magnitude).
(b) Equal vectors have the same magnitude and direction.
(c) Inverse vectors have same magnitude but exact opposite direction.

Where to buy CSEC and CAPE pastpapers online.

hi there! I've decided to put up notes for cape pure maths. I'm not a teacher, just a student who's tired of looking EVERYWHERE for notes and pastpapers. Where available I'll put links to videos in addition or to replace the notes. I've found a site that sells pastpapers for the persons (like me) that have no places available with pastpapers in their country. Here it is:
they also sell CSEC pastpapers. Good luck on your exams everyone!

sine rule

i have realsed as of reccently that the amount of people who do sine or cosine rule always get it worng, so i have found rules when to use sine and cosine rule.
sine rule
a/sinA =b/sinB=c/sinC
when you have two sides and angle or two angles and a side.
cosine rule:
a2=b2+c2-2bc cosA
two sides and the angle opposite the side missing

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