UPDATED: CXC CSEC exam results 2011 will be available online 11th August from 10.00pm!

UPDATED: CXC CSEC exam results 2011 will be available online 11th August  from 10.00pm!

View your CXC CSEC exam results online!

CXC Mathematics past papers and solutions, term papers, practice exams

Please check and search for user Abdullah Zakariyya. You will find lots of useful information on CXC mathematics. I have uploaded many exam papers, answers, practice tests with answers, assignments,...etc.

I am asking all of you to check them because, its very difficult to upload questions here with special characteristics used in mathematics typing.

Hope you all find the materials useful for CXC preparation.


Wow, Kathy u still around? Love what you've done with the place.

I remember when I used to be busy at the books now in the cruel and harsh world of work I have to literally fight myself to just read when I am doing my afternoon classes. 

However, like all positive individuals, you cannot let nonsense excuses like being tired,hungry,lazy(variation of tired) stop you from giving your all.


 math math help

Home! CXC CSEC exams May/June 2011 are over!

Home! CXC  CSEC exams May/June 2011  are over!

Well! Here it is. The end of the CXC CSEC exams May/June 2011.  It was, in the main, a very event-less exam cycle. No major scandals or upsets and not many complaints at all.

Please comment

 This story was written by rose_ lakraj and I had only made a few adjustments to clarify an issue. So please note: ALL CREDITS goes towards rose_larkaj and her only.

This is the story i wrote in my English exam....PLEASE COMMENT

 Chad visit his wife Deedra at the Dixon Memorial Hospital. She had been there for some days now. Both her parents and elder brother die from the deadly disease cancer. She thinks it might be a family trait and she too might have the disease.

A few years back she found out that she couldn’t have children, she curse the disease; she convinces that the disease had deprived her of God’s gift to man to reproduce and bless this wonderful place call earth.

Creating a spanish connection

hey peeps! anyone interested in practising some spanish let me know, am just learning, wouldnt  mind getting a group thing going.

need help

 i seriously need help with accounts


 I'd like some story, and persuasive topics or ideas that CXC generally likes us to know or write about. ASAP. Sitting exam this May. 

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