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Week 4 Summary Essay - HIV

Three decades ago doctors in USA were fascinated, by the pattern of a deadly disease which normally would affect significantly deficient patients yet ravaged young, healthy people!

Twenty years later the diagnosed HIV virus has spread and infected people worldwide. It touches every denomination, creed and class of society, raising the statistics of dead people and those carrying the disease to the millions.

Research and analysis has discovered the different ways in which the disease could be transmitted, yet the actual cause remained mysterious until 1983.

Persuasive Essay of Week 4 - "Teacher of the Year" Award.

Dear School Council,


There are many ways to be an outstanding teacher and as many reasons to nominate someone for a "Teacher of the Year" award. This year I would like you to consider Ms Anesa Campbell, of Grade 5, Pioneer Prep, as one of the teachers elligible for this award. Just to mention a few solid facts which qualifies her.


My summary essay Week 3- The rewrite


"Jamila turned and walked away. I knew then that I had lost a friend."

The door to my room creaked open and Jamila poked her head in. I was lounged across my bed, in a state of semi-undress, and I almost jumped out of my skin when she yelled.


"Patra! Are you asleep?"


"No, but I sure wish I was, now, " I muttered crossly.


"What do you mean, girl?" she demanded.


"Pop music and dance on display in the Caribbean today are corrupting the youth and making them irresponsible."


Right through the 20th Century and beyond, pop music has been linked closely with youth culture. With many of the consumers of popular music being young people, it's no surprise that youth have been shaped and influenced by the themes, artists and activities which pop music involves.


Summary Essay


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