Tutorials: CXC CSEC math topic- Consumer Arithmetic

Tutorials: CXC CSEC math topic- Consumer Arithmetic



This is a full arithmetic tutorial program.  Click on each lesson number to be taken to the lesson.

When you reach the end of each page, don't forget to 'click' on the word problems. You will be taken to some sample exercises that you can do for practice.


This is an interactive tutorial showing the relationships between percentages, decimals and fractions. You manipulate the numbers and see the realtionships develop.


This is a tutorial on equivalent fractions.


This is a tutorial on adding fractions Loan calculator (consumer arithmetic)


This is a savings calculator (consumer arithmetic).


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guest (not verified)
the open learn links are a

the open learn links are a bit complicated for me to follow... :(

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falco maniac (not verified)

its complicated i just cant get simultaneous equations

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guest (not verified)
mathematics - consumer arithmetic

I have a problem with the topic

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zaffgord (not verified)

I am having difficulties with
*Hire purchase*
*Compound interest*

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Michelle Givens (not verified)

Man. If you only knew how grateful I am for all the links to these tutorials. Thanks alot for putting these up.

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